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Welcome, To A Place Where Healing Begins.

Ever Feel Like Anxiety Has Completely Hijacked Your Life?

Like It's This Dark Cloud Following You Around... Sucking The Joy Out Of Everything?

Imagine waking up without that nagging pit of dread in your stomach...

...Without those invasive thoughts flooding your mind the second you open your eyes...

...Finally feeling light, calm and in control again.

You're Not Alone in This Battle - But There IS a Way Out.

Look, you've already shown incredible courage just by being here. It's not easy to admit you need help fighting back against this crippling condition. But you're doing it.

And the fact is, taking that first step is often the hardest part. Now I'm here to walk with you every step of the way. To light that path forward to a brighter, more peaceful state of mind.

Together, we're going to blast through the "clinical" B.S. and get real about what works to defeat anxiety for good. No judging, no labeling, just real support tailored to YOU.

I'll show you how to untangle those overwhelming negative thought patterns, one by one. How to break free from anxiety's controlling grip over your moods, your happiness, your entire quality of life.

You don't have to keep living this way - there's a clear path to feeling grounded, content and present again. All you have to do is reach out right now.

Let's get started on this journey back to calm TODAY. You've already made it this far - just think how amazing you'll feel finally leaving anxiety behind for good.

Hi, I'm Linda

Hi, I'm Linda, founder of Therapy Beyond Healing. And trust me, I get how hard it is to take that first step towards getting help. To admit you're struggling with anxiety, depression, or just the daily grind of life.

But look, by being here, you've already shown incredible courage most never will. And let me be the first to say - you don't have to keep living this way. There IS a path back to calm, back to feeling grounded and in control again.

I've walked a similar path myself, so this isn't just "shrink" talk. It's real-world empathy from someone who's been there. Who understands the unique pain anxiety can bring - that horrible, nagging dread that robs you of any sense of peace.

But I've also experienced therapy's amazing power to transform lives from the inside out. To unravel those overwhelming negative thought patterns, one by one. To rediscover your inner strength, resilience, and unshakable sense of self-worth.

At Therapy Beyond Healing, it's not just about overcoming anxiety, depression, or whatever life throws at you. It's about finding lasting joy, fulfillment, and alignment with your true self. About shedding what society says you "should" be, and crafting a life that reflects who you really are.

If that sounds like the kind of transformation you're ready for, I invite you to reach out now. Let's have an honest heart-to-heart chat to get you on the path towards a brighter, more empowered future. One where you're finally free from anxiety's controlling grip.

Just imagine how amazing it will feel waking up without that pit of dread...finally feeling light and in control again. All it takes is having the courage to start - and you've already shown you have that.

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What our clients have to say

"Making the decision to start therapy was not an easy one for me. When I first began my sessions, I honestly didn’t think my stresses and anxiety were something that I could overcome. It was an incredibly difficult time for me. Linda helps me realize that I was not alone and that every day will be a work in progress. 

Linda has taught me tools to use to handle my anxiety, and those tools have made it possible for me to enjoy things with my kids again. She has taught me how to work through situations and events without feeling alone and defeated. 

Although every day isn’t perfect and I may always be a work in progress, she has taught me that that is ok and to live in the moments no matter what they may be. I take the good days with the bad days and stop allowing the bad days to define me. My life and my family’s life have significantly changed because of her. For that, I am forever grateful."

"Linda is a wonderful therapist in the CBT space.  I have learned so much in a very short time from her; strategies that everyone can use to manage both the day-to-day stress and deeper anxieties that plague us in our roles as parents, partners, workers, and humans.  My sessions with Linda are making me better at all of those things, and better at being myself."

"I always look forward to my sessions and feel so comfortable and able to express myself. I like how laid back and easygoing the vibe is during our sessions and appreciate and value how knowledgeable Linda is!"

If you are looking to:

  • Start enjoying life again
  • Achieve your goals
  • And live authentically

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