Setting April Intentions

Have you ever heard the phrase "set your intention" before starting a yoga class or meditation? Or maybe you've heard someone talk about setting intentions for the day or month ahead (hint - we’re doing this now!). But what exactly does it mean to set an intention? 

An intention is a guiding principle or aim for your thoughts, actions, and attitudes. It's a way of consciously choosing what you want to focus on and bringing awareness to your goals and desires. In this blog post, we'll dive deeper into three steps to setting an intention, plus some example intentions for the month of April. Whether you're new to the concept of intentions or you're a seasoned pro, keep reading to learn more!

Step One: Reflect on Your Goals and Values

Take some time to reflect on what you want to achieve or focus on in the upcoming month. Consider your personal and professional goals, as well as any areas of your life that you want to improve. Make sure your goals align with your values! We talk about this in our first blog post of 2023, so check it out here if you missed it.

Step Two: Choose a Word or Phrase:

Choose a word or phrase: Once you've reflected on your goals, choose a word or phrase that encapsulates your intention for the month. This could be a single word like "balance" or a phrase like "focus on self-care." Your intention should be something that resonates with you and inspires you to take action.

Step Three: Write it Down and Revisit it

After you've chosen your intention, write it down and place it somewhere visible, such as on your refrigerator or computer desktop. Revisit your intention regularly throughout the month, and use it as a guide for your thoughts and actions. You may also want to journal about your progress and any insights or challenges that arise along the way.

Sounds straight-forward, right? In case you’re having a creativity block when considering your April intention, here are some springtime examples you can use to guide your choice:

  1. Growth: this could look like learning a new skill, cultivating self-awareness, taking steps towards prior goals you hadn’t worked on, and processing some past trauma.

  2. Renewal: this could look like incorporating rest, taking a vacation, or implementing a self-care routine.

  3. Clarity: this could look like discovering your values, considering if your goals match your values, or becoming clear on the details of your future plans.

  4. Gratitude: this could look like starting a gratitude journal, doing a loving-kindness meditation before bed, or writing 3 things you’re grateful for each morning.

  5. Balance: this could look like setting boundaries between work and home, setting a goal to “be bored” (have some free time!), or assessing your calendar to see where you can cut out some tasks.

  6. Mindfulness: this could look like sitting in meditation, focusing your awareness on your body, or knowing what you’re doing when you’re doing it.

  7. Connection: this could look like connection to yourself through mind-body practices, connection to others by cultivating community, or connection to a Higher Power through a spiritual practice.

  8. Adventure: this could look like little acts of adventure like trying a new food, or large acts of adventure like traveling somewhere new.

  9. Simplicity: this could look like clearing your home of unwanted things, of reducing the steps it takes to do chores, or taking large goals and making them bite-sized chunks instead.

  10. Creativity: this could look like starting an art journal, singing, writing, problem-solving, or anything else that brings you joy when you make it.

We hope this blog helps inspire you to set some April intentions! If one of your intentions is healing, mental health therapy is a great place to start. At Therapy Beyond Healing, we can collaborate with you to make real change and to make progress towards your intentions. Reach out to us today to be paired with a clinician to help you on your healing journey. We look forward to hearing from you!