How To Set Intentions In The New Year

Although it’s the first Friday of 2022, you’ve likely already been asked what your New Year’s resolution is.  If you’re anything like me, you dread this question.  When I think of resolutions, I picture a typical goal, such as moving more or eating more vegetables, that I’ll do until mid-February and then never think about again.  Does that sound familiar? If that scenario sounds exactly like you, you’re not alone!  According to studies, nearly 80% - yes, 80%! - of individuals that form a New Year’s resolution have given them up by early February.  Only 8% of those people say they completed their resolution by the end of the year at all.  If so many Americans that make a resolution give them up so early, why do we continue to set resolutions we know we won’t follow through with? This year, instead of setting a resolution, set an intention.  While a resolution is a specific goal, such as saving more money or making a career change, an intention is a theme you’re committing to.  One example of an intention is “I intend to be kind to myself.”  Another intention is “I intend to allow others to make mistakes.”  An intention is a value you’d like to live out. How do you set an intention?  Check out these tips if you’re interested in ditching your resolution to set an intention for 2022 instead: Choose an Intention Based on Your Values An intention should be a value you’d like to live out on a daily basis.  If you value self-care, your intention may be “I intend to listen to my body and honor it.”  Your intention may also be “I intend to move in ways that bring me joy instead of pain.”  Alternatively, if you value career achievement, your intention m ay be “I intend to try my best every single day,” or “I intend to exceed expectations.”  If you need a little help on deciphering your values, check out our Instagram post here.Pick an Intention That Makes You Feel Good Let’s face it - many of us choose a resolution because we think it’s how we should act.  Intentions, on the other hand, are set because they are something we want to feel.  Want to feel powerful?  Set an intention to speak kindly to yourself.  Want to feel joy?  Set an intention to manifest happiness daily.  Want to feel in touch with your spirituality?  Set an intention to see God in all things.  Intentions are meant to direct our feelings and emotions, not constrain them.   Choose an Intention You Can Win One of the best parts about intentions is, unlike resolutions, intentions should be easy to win.  This isn’t to say they don’t feel like work - being positive, powerful, or successful every day certainly takes persistence - but intentions are meant to be free from judgment and limitations.  Give yourself some grace - instead of prescribing exactly three days a week of volunteer service in 2022, set an intention to help others in any way you can.  Instead of signing up for five gym classes a week, set an intention to move when you feel like it and rest when you don’t.   No matter what intention you set, have fun with it!  At Therapy Beyond Healing, our intention for you this year is to experience peace and healing in every experience you have.  If part of your intention this year is to seek a great counselor, feel free to reach out to to set up an appointment today.  We look forward to hearing from you, and Happy New Year!