Is It Time To Do A Social Media Cleanse in 2022?

If I was able to look at your phone right now (don’t worry - I can’t!), how many social media apps would I see?  Chances are, if you’re like 72% of the population that utilizes social media on a daily basis, you’ll have at least one app for media connection on your phone.  It’s even likely you have more than one social media app downloaded on your phone as the average user will visit 6.7 different sites monthly.  Needless to say, social media has become an overarching theme in many of our lives. Have you ever considered the impact of such in-depth social media usage?  Studies show this form of media connection may be impacting you more negatively than you think.  For example, over half (58%, more specifically) of American social media users report experiencing negative effects due to use.  Of those individuals that experienced negative impacts, 64% reported feeling anxiety over use.  56% felt depression, 51% had a negative self-concept, and 52% felt discontent with their own life - all connected to their social media usage.  Yikes! Seeing these statistics may make you want to ditch the apps entirely.  Before you announce your departure on Facebook and delete the site off your phone, there is some good news - social media can be used in positive, productive ways as well.  Consider Go Fund Me efforts that have saved lives, social activism that spreads rapidly online, or small businesses that can afford to continue greatly due to internet reach.  Though these may not apply to the everyday user, check out these tips on how to ensure your social media usage is as positive as possible. Unfollow, Unfriend, and Unlike One of my best recommendations is to curate your feed as much as possible.  Is there a particular account you follow that makes you feel less than, dissatisfied, or just plain bad?  Unfollow that page.  Do you have a Facebook friend whose constant tirades trigger you?  You can unfollow them without unfriending them, as well.  Be sure to remove accounts or virtual friends that have a habit of not aligning with your values. Pick Content You’re Uplifted By Just like you can choose who to unfollow, you can pick who to follow!  If you know anxiety is a problem for you, check out accounts that reduce feelings of stress (check out these pages that feature dog noses, comics, and pottery).  If you’re recovering from an eating disorder or any kind of disordered eating, follow Health at Every Size accounts.  For mental health tips and tricks, there are plenty of mental health counselors on Instagram (check out mine here).  Limit Your Time Online Most Americans spend at least two hours of their day on social media platforms.  If you’d rather use those two hours doing something else, find a way to limit your online time.  You can set a timer on your phone when you start scrolling, use an app to track your screen time, or have a friend keep you accountable to your goals.   Whatever your goals are for online time in 2022, I encourage you to utilize social media in an uplifting way, rather than one that tears you down.  If you’d like to discuss the impacts social media has had on you, get in touch with me at  I hope these tips will inspire you to curate a feed that aligns with your values and leave time for you to accomplish your goals.